Elephant Connect Professional

Whether it is seeking inspiration to aspire for the seemingly impossible or unravelling the knotty confines of our perceived capabilities, a gentle nudge in the right direction could be the catalyst to achievement.

Elephant Connect Professional offers training and mentoring in the areas of management, leadership, programme/project management and communication customized to address specific business and development needs of organizations and individuals. At the core of this training is the four-step Stakeholder Management framework* effectively applied to achieve a variety of business goals- customer communication, controlling the sales process, team collaboration, productivity enhancement, cost optimization and leadership development among others.

"If each person could identify which animal type they are faced with, predict responses and tailor their own response, imagine the person hours saved in managing professional angst and focusing on achieving results!”—Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Chairman, Biocon Ltd on Bosses of the wild.

Management and Leadership training

Management literature and modern day organizations are increasingly acknowledging the impact of leader/team/customer personalities on fulfilment of business goals. Several personality typing frameworks assign a near-accurate but complex personality profile that is often difficult to remember as time passes. An easy to recall personality typing tool based on animal behaviour research (from the book Bosses of the wild - McGraw Hill 2013, foreword by K V Kamath, Chairman ICICI Bank) helps participants understand the motivations of teams/customers/audiences and leverage this knowledge effectively to deliver business outcome.

Communication and public speaking View Video

Organizations and individuals are recognizing that the gap between satisfactory results and outstanding professional achievement is often bridged by communication skills development.

We offer a range of customized communication training solutions including brand and media positioning, covert selling, assertiveness v/s aggression, negotiation, public speaking, effective presentations, interview skills, personality development and time management.

Programme and project management training and consultancy View Video

Whether it is organizing an event, developing a product/document or meeting financial targets, anything with a start and end date can be called as a project. Despite the use of certified methodologies and the best of intentions, a significant number of projects fail, either being over-budget, over time or both! Elephant Connect combines theoretical principles with real-live practical examples to offer a range of basic and advance project management training focussed on "Getting the job done!" Topics covered:  Principles of Project management, Project design and planning, Cost and effort estimation, scheduling, Vendor management, Salvaging projects, Impossible deadlines...among others.