Elephant Connect Education

Elephant Connect Education accelerates careers in Science and Maths offering career planning guidance through customized tutoring, mentoring and training. Personalized attention from our experienced tutors has seen students excelling in their GCSE, AS and A level exams.

Our subscription-based online revision aides including quizzes and flash cards are effective, interactive and fun tools for students to prepare for exams.

Recognizing that exams are just the first step towards University education, we offer holistic preparatory training courses in interview skills, writing applications, communication and public speaking.

We also offer a blend of practical and theoretical project-based training for students seeking work-experience.

What our customers say

"The tutor’s level of knowledge is unbelievable. His passion for the subject is great as well.  His method of teaching is thorough and tailored to your needs.  He is the best tutor I've ever had!"
- Jesse Tachie

"We really appreciate what you have done for my child and there is a great improvement already."
- Olivia Welch Via Dawn Strachan

"I'm studying A-level biology and find that the tutor is effective in helping me understand the subject. Very approachable, patient and explains things clearly which makes them easier to follow. I would not hesitate to recommend him."
- Natalia Mortlock