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Abhay Joshi
Director, Elephant Connect Education

Abhay Joshi has over 25 years of corporate managerial experience including eight years in training school and University students in Science, Maths and Engineering subjects. An accomplished educationist, Abhay’s mentoring has transformed struggling students into confident achievers performing to the best of their abilities. On the professional side, Abhay provides consultancy for start-ups as well as established businesses in the areas of pre-sales, planning, service management, service assurance, contract management, customer management and delivery management of complex projects/ solutions. » More

Manjiri Gokhale Joshi,
Director, Elephant Connect Professional

A training and management specialist based in the UK, Manjiri has led functions across human resources, corporate communication and programme management in industries like IT, insurance and publishing. She has designed and delivered management training and development programmes and blended learning courses for global teams. She is a final semester executive participant of the MSc in Major Programme Management degree course at Said Business School, University of Oxford. She co-founded Maya CARE, a charity working with senior citizens across 10 Indian cities.
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Why are we called Elephant Connect?

A baby elephant, born after a 22-month gestation period, is nurtured by a battery of aunts and older cousins while his mother focuses on feeding on nutritious food to pass on to him. For 14 years, the adults train him to seek food, recognise danger, often prodding him into line if he were to stray. The elephant then emerges as the most intelligent, resilient and wise of all animals. And almost no-one questions his competence and leadership. In work life, professionals of the elephant personality type spur teams to question the confines of their own perceived capabilities and job titles. The elephant leader gently nudges team members to recognize their own potential, seek knowledge and training, achieving results that exceed their own expectations. It is no surprise then that leaders who invest in knowledge for their teams have a distinct advantage over those who have not had the exposure to be able to develop a worldview.